• Gogol it (some gogolesque notes on legitimate cloud service abuse)

    Does that traffic to commercial public cloud services and web-based applications seem legitimate to you? Bad actors are abusing the shit out of cloud services: Google Docs, Google Forms, Discord, and others, concealing their badness in TLS and the reputation of big cloud brands. This post is an ongoing notebook on both found abuses of […]

  • No. No, you can’t.

  • The things we carry

    If you live at all, you have traumas and losses and scars. Some you get over, some you grow from, and some can haunt you for the rest of your life or pop up unexpectedly when you hear a name or a sound or a phrase, or when you see something that reminds you of […]

  • A random observation on structural and actual racism

    I recognize that some people have lived their lives without actually witnessing systemic racism, or even reflecting upon what systemic racism means. And there are clearly blessed, privileged people have never considered how the system that protects their privilege could oppress people who don’t look like them. Some of these people respond with fear and […]

  • dezinformatsiya operators

    This post is an aggregation of disinformation and propaganda posts by right-wing operators and possible foreign agents seeking to spread more fear, uncertainty and doubt about the recent Presidential election and instigate violence coinciding with Joe Biden’s inauguration. I will cite sources where possible. These posts are from Gab: Gateway Pundit is an amplifier for […]