Hello, Friends of the Friendly Bear

A few years back, I registered fancybearfriends.ru as an inside joke. At the time, I was spending much of my time analyzing the activities of the various “bear”, “panda,” “kitten” and other animal actors as trademarked by CrowdStrike, and had noticed some of them had actually started to adopt CrowdStrike’s own nomenclature for their branding. I was also doing a good deal of OSINT collection and cyberscam busting, and having a .ru domain to plant posts on as bait for geolocation seemed both practical and hysterical. Before long, I started occasionally putting random sh*t here just because it didn’t fit into my day job’s writing, sometimes as a sort of Internet clipboard and sometimes as a way of consolidating social media rants.

The joke of a .ru domain became somewhat less funny over time, and especially in 2022. So I’ve decided to retire it; it still redirects here for now, but somehow the original text of this home landing page seems less ironic and more dark these days:


Приветствую вас, друзья и товарищи. Добро пожаловать в Fancy Bear Friends, где нет фейковых новостей, а хакеры просыпаются утром, желая творить.

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