• Freedom of Screech

    Today, the New York Times ran an op-ed from a young woman at the University of Virginia that has attracted wide-ranging scorn from folks on the left, and sympathetic nods from folks on the right. The piece largely evades the substance and context of her actual feelings (she is a young conservative in a land […]

  • до скорого, .ru

    до скорого, .ru

    This may be the last time you see a post from us from this top-level domain. Several long years ago, we launched this website to provide a platform for “admiration” of the jovial ursine activities of a set of state-sponsored threat actors and their rent-a-hacker colleagues, and to attract others who would like to contribute […]

  • Hank the tank / Хэнк танк

    Hank the tank / Хэнк танк

    Right now an overweight bear with kleptomaniacal tendencies is rampaging through a neighbor’s property threatening life and limb without regard for what the world thinks. Also Hank the Tank, an actual bear, is raiding people’s fridges.

  • How to talk to your parents about #Log4Shell

    I’ve seen a bunch of totally bananas takes in the news on the vulnerability in the Java library known as Apache Log4j (log-for-jay, logforge, let’s call the whole thing off). If you’re like me and have non-technical family and friends who may have out of body experiences when hearing the words “cyber”, “vulnerability”, “cloud” and […]


    In the event anyone wants to use this for something.