As rational a rant as I can muster about the 2022 elections

Ok, I understand that much of what I post on the hell site is sh*tposts, pictures of birds and cats, and other ephemera, and that I have a goofy #NAFO Twitter avatar . But I can also be a SeRiOuS pErSoN. My political views do not easily fit under a single label, are the result of a lifetime of observation and experience, and are constantly evolving with new input and re-assessment of what I got right and wrong. And this election is just as important as any other, for a variety of reasons.

Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats are actually going to fix anything. It’s now a question of how much damage either will do to the country. And in my assessment, the Republicans have tilted so far toward autocracy and “whatever makes the libs cry” that they will do much more harm at every level of government- precisely because their only idea is to reverse any social or political progress this country has made and make it a haven for kleptocracy.

The Democrats are not blameless either. Their vacillations over key issues of civil liberties and their ties to corporate interests that run directly counter to the interests of the people as a whole are bad for America, except when compared to what the GOP aims to do. There have been numerous times in American history when the reverse was true, and many more where both major political parties were directly at odds with the interests and needs of the Republic. But right now, more of the rational, pragmatic people are running as Democrats and the Republican Party is a madhouse.

I say this as someone who, as a young adult, was a Republican, until I realized that the Republican ideal of “freedom” was “freedom for the rich to f*ck everyone in the world over.” I resisted registering as a Democrat for years because I intuited the party of Dukakis and Clinton and Gore was just the same thing except with a few safeguards to prevent mass uprisings—the literal definition of “liberalism.” The arguments were not about how to make America better, but about how hard the beds in prisons should be.

It has not changed much on the Democratic side, aside from a small Progressive eruption that is fed mostly by idealism and emotional appeal. But the GOP has become a crime syndicate, manipulating people with religion and fear and winking memes and conspiracy theories.

So, as much as it might make your stomach turn, I implore you to vote for the Not GOP candidate on your ballot this year from top to bottom, and to convince your friends and family to do the same, so that we can at least press a pause button on the insanity. Neither political party is going to save us, but only one is actively trying to throw us to the wolves.

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