Holiday Deep Thoughts

2019 has been a year. A very year. But I have a lot to be thankful for–mostly the people who have made this very year tolerable and endurable.

If you are reading this, you are 99% likely one of them. Thanks, and happy holidays.

2019 started with somewhat limited promise, and then somebody set us up the bomb. But the people on the Infosec Twitters and those who have contributed to the expansion of my mind have made the journey worth it, and I thank you all.

2020 promises to be especially 2020. We’re going to need each other to escape it with sanity intact, regardless of politics and other points of disagreement. I promise to be as open to wisdom and patient with shenanigans as possible, and to continue to fight the cyberwars in whatever way I can.

To all of you, I wish a happy, fruitful and less than insanity-causing 2020.

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