до скорого, .ru

This may be the last time you see a post from us from this top-level domain. Several long years ago, we launched this website to provide a platform for “admiration” of the jovial ursine activities of a set of state-sponsored threat actors and their rent-a-hacker colleagues, and to attract others who would like to contribute to their cause. This resulted in some fine and amusing social engineering results, allowing us to geolocate and ridicule severely a number of crooks and ruffians, though Rudolph Giuliani never returned our emails. It then became a bit of a lark to post threat intelligence and OSINT data, as well as the occasional dispatch from the cyber wars, on this domain, as well as to сводит людей с ума when they saw links to a .ru domain in their social media feeds.

While the rubles have already been paid for this domain name, the joke has lost its humor. We are considering how to rehome the site on a new TLD with a joke that is in better taste than one hosted by a government that has passed well beyond the realm of satire in its bloody kleptocratic imperialism–and for those of us who lived in America in the last two decades, you know that’s a very high bar for us (Mission Accomplished, мудаки!)

We have fondness for the Russian people, but our favorite “Russian” author is Gogol, who was Ukrainian. We weep for the people of Ukraine, and for the young Russian conscripts who have died and will die just as we weep for US and allied soldiers who lost their lives and limbs, and the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, and every other place that the legacy of cold-war diplomacy has led to “special operations” and death.

Путин, иди нахуй!

–Fancy Bear Friends Crew

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